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CyberBlast! is an exciting segment of The Internet Cafe , a new weekly television show dedicated to the Internet and shot live at the CyberSmith Cafe, a new cyber cafe in Palo Alto, California. Every episode of The Internet Cafe includes a CyberBlast! segment during which we actually download cool computer software (web pages, games, sounds, movies, pictures, etc.) directly into the computers of our viewers.

During the Cyberblast! segment, a portion of the television screen is filled with black and white dots. These dots, which appear as snow, are simply visual representations of the ones and zeros that all computers use to communicate. While viewers are watching the show in their living room for information and entertainment, their computers are in the den watching the show for computer data.

Using an En Technology Cybercast TVModem and CyberBlast! Receiver Software, the viewer's computer sorts out the computer data from the rest of the video, converts the data into files, and stores those files on the viewer's hard drive. The files are exactly the same as the files available on this Web Site.

A TVModem is much faster at receiving computer data than a regular modem. The CyberBlast! segment is currently two minutes in length. Viewers with a TVModem will receive more than 4 MB of compressed software each week during that one brief two-minute download. Downloading that same software using a 28.8 modem would take about a half hour, or about an hour using a 14.4 modem. Also, viewers don't need to be connected via a phone line to receive the software -- they don't even need an Internet account!

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