I recently made a mirror of the site that hosted the downloads from the Cyberblast segments on the late 90's televison show Net Cafe.

Cyberblast was a segment of the show where you could download software through the video signal with a niche ISA card called a TVModem.

The TVModem cards boasted a bandwidth speed of up to 2.3 Mbps, which was really impressive for 1997.

Since the cards interpreted raw data through a video signal, it could have definitely been a viable alternative for file transmission at the time when considering the overhead of downloading files through the web.

While it was an interesting idea, and the cards had a relatively accessible price range ($100-$200) the actual encoders for creating the video transmissions cost upwards of $10,000.

The files that were showcased on the show ranged from public domain free software to compressed audio/video clips and wacky games and tools.

Not everything was indexed unfortunately, but the vast majority was. Go check it out by clicking the Cyber Man below and scrolling down to the downloads page!