Microsoft Comic Chat

A comic strip based IRC client developed by Microsoft in the late 90's.

Despite not being supported for nearly two decades, it still works with regular IRC servers to this day.

Click here for massive pack of over 600 Microsoft Comic Chat Characters!!!

Paranoid Bart and Homer:

A couple of Simpsons themed 9X mouse mate programs based off of Pablo Costaguta's
ParanoidEyes engine. Still works on Windows 10 and Linux through WINE.

Microsoft Paint Collection:

An archive of Windows 98, XP, and 7 Paint

Paint Shop Pro 7 + Animation:

Another paint program I used alot as a kid. Works with Windows 10,
though it complains about a registry error upon opening; ignore it.

Windows XP Movie Maker:

get n2 video


A fun and easy to use, yet powerful 3D sculpting software.

Quake III Arena:

Click the funny Quake man for CD keys. SKUMSOFT Q3A server coming SOON.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2:

Required to play THUG PRO.

Thanks, Doc.


The holy grail of 3D snake games. You'll regret it if you don't install it immediately.


A wacky late 90's chicken shooter game with prerendered 3D chickens.

Midi Man's Massive 130,000 Midi Pack:

You might just live long enough to listen to most of them if you're lucky.

Pastebin of Structure

Keygen Jamz:

Pack of 1479 Keygen tunes. Click the Jam Cube to jack in.

Big Font Archive:

The entire font directory from dafont. Over 28,000 fonts.

Huge Tile Collection:

Over 5000 classic tile backgrounds.


create3D is a simple 3D modelling and animation program made by Geocities user Ted Rossin.

Some sample animated GIFs produced with create3d:

Sample 3D models and animations for create3d: create3d_sample_media.zip

3D Dudes

The amateur game 3D Dudes. As mentioned on Stewart Cheifet's Net Cafe.


Qodem is a public domain re-implementation of the DOS-era Qmodem serial
communications package. You can use it to dial in to hundreds of still active Telnet BBSes.

Here's a website with a regularly updated list of Telnet BBSes.

Telnet BBS Guide


All software hosted here is available solely for archival purposes.

Last updated: Nov 24, 2020