Paranoid Bart and Homer:

A couple of Simpsons themed 9X mouse mate programs based off of Pablo Costaguta's
ParanoidEyes engine. Still works on Windows 10 and Linux through WINE.

Microsoft Paint Collection:

An archive of Windows 98, XP, and 7 Paint

Paint Shop Pro 7 + Animation:

Another paint program I used alot as a kid. Works with Windows 10,
though it complains about a registry error upon opening; ignore it.


My favorite animation software.

Windows XP Movie Maker:

get n2 video

Orange Pepper Music Program number 11:

You know the one. Don't have a box new.


A fun and easy to use, yet powerful 3D sculpting software.

Quake III Arena:

Click the funny Quake man for CD keys. SKUMSOFT Q3A server coming SOON.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2:

Required to play THUG PRO.

Thanks, Doc.


The holy grail of 3D snake games. You'll regret it if you don't install it immediately.


A wacky late 90's chicken shooter game with prerendered 3D chickens.

Midi Man's Massive 130,000 Midi Pack:

You might just live long enough to listen to most of them if you're lucky.

Pastebin of Structure

Keygen Jamz:

Pack of 1479 Keygen tunes. Click the Jam Cube to jack in.

Big Font Archive:

The entire font directory from dafont. Over 28,000 fonts.

Huge Tile Collection:

Over 5000 classic tile backgrounds.


create3D is a simple 3D modelling and animation program made by Geocities user Ted Rossin.

Some sample animated GIFs produced with create3d:

Sample 3D models and animations for create3d:

3D Dudes

The amateur game 3D Dudes. As mentioned on Stewart Cheifet's Net Cafe.


Qodem is a public domain re-implementation of the DOS-era Qmodem serial
communications package. You can use it to dial in to hundreds of still active Telnet BBSes.

Here's a website with a regularly updated list of Telnet BBSes.

Telnet BBS Guide


All software hosted here is available solely for archival purposes.

Last updated: May 18, 2020