Around 2012 after perusing a local yard sale, I came across this Commodore 64, that was in amazing shape, with box and all. Being that I was a high-schooler with absolutely no money, I struck up a deal with the nice lady managing the sale. I helped her pack up her stuff at the end of the day, and she let me have the Commodore. We ended up being good acquaintances over the next few years and she would hold stuff just for me to buy, I really hope she's still doing well.

Anyways this thing was in immaculate shape, It was in box, very very clean, had all of it's cables and even had it's receipt. The box was in a little rough shape, but was a much more complete find than I was use to at the time.

When I first opened the box and saw the "Welcome to the word of friendly computing, I had a nerdgasim right then and there. The Commodore 64 (and Commodore's / Amiga's history) was something I had just read about then, so it felt monumental.

I wasn't really able to do much with it at the time though, as I didn't have a tape or floppy reader, nor any cartridges. So I did a few classic Basic programs [10 print "FUCK" 20 goto 10] and tucked it away for when I could afford stuff for it.

Shortly after I got it, I showed it to my friend, and whilst setting up the Atari 2600 something fell off of my tv and broke the 'B' key on my Commodore. I was pretty pissed, but it ended up being an easier fix than I thought, I just had to crack it open and solder in a new key and switch.

Sometime in my senior year of high school, a friend of mine ended up giving me a tape player for the commodore, with a box and all. Unfortunately the box for the tape player didn't survive one of my moves, the I still have the tape player.

I tried really hard to write games to tape for this thing then, but I could never get the levels right on the tape player I had at the time. I ended up giving up for the time being, and it kinda sat on my shelf for a few years.

Fortunately, recently I remember that I had it and I had better tape recording equipment, so I gave it another try... and it WORKED!!

I wanted to record a lot nice footage from my VCR, but it was just not having it. I'm not really sure why it outputted like this, my best guess is that the commodore is like too low resolution. Regardless it looks pretty neat.

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I'll likely be back to update this page more once I get the flash cart that I ordered for it.

UPDATE: Here it is! With my trusty Kung Fu Flash, I am now prepared to game C64 style.

In the pick below you can see my setup. I'm using this really weird industrial CRT, it's kinda like the one you would see in a movie store or like the Wendy's grill skillz video. Not pictured, but I have a Commodore printer, just not much use for it.