[x] Triptunes - 05 - Hidden Heaven
[x] Milky Way Wishes: Title [Kirby Super Star/Fun Pak]
[x] Tower of Heaven Soundtrack - Pillars of Creation
[x] Nostalgic 東方 Chiptune Touhou 182
[x] VGM Hall Of Fame: Rusty - Water Gate (PC-98)
[x] Crisis Force (NES) Music - Stage 1
[x] [Deleted video]
[x] Cadillacs And Dinosaurs - Overture ~ Cadillacs -The 4 Heroes- (STAGE 1-1)
[x] Cheap Shop- Anamanaguchi (Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game)
[x] The Best of Retro VGM #107 - J.J. & Jeff (TG-16/PCE) - Stage Theme 2
[x] Ceephax Acid Crew -- Legend Of Phaxalot
[x] Ceephax - Essex Remblance
[x] Ceephax Acid Crew - Arcadian (Castilian II)
[x] Garten (2A03 PURITANS) [NSF (Classical)]
[x] Yousuke Yasui - Kekkaishi: Kokubourou Shuurai OST - Unknown track title
[x] Ryuichi Sakamoto-Riot In Lagos
[x] Alan Hawkshaw - Hot Seat
[x] Star Time 2
[x] Ceephax Acid Crew - Camelot Chronicles
[x] Ceephax - Camelot Jostle
[x] Ceephax - National Grid
[x] Ceephax Acid Crew - Fossil Funk
[x] Ryuichi Sakamoto - Suntory Sasuke
[x] Return of the Kung Fu World Champion
[x] Paul Hardcastle - Strollin' (1985)
[x] Yousuke Yasui - QEC
[x] Etrian Odyssey III - Music: The First Campaign
[x] COOL&CREATE - ケイブラブ - Show Time under Leaden Skies
[x] Yousuke Yasui - Defense Suppression
[x] YMO RYDEEN アナログ演奏
[x] GRADIUSⅢ cosmoplant 【DX7version】
[x] Counter Strike 【Roland XV-5080】
[x] OMY - テクノポリッシュ -TECHNOPOLISH
[x] OMY シャンプー SHANG POO
[x] OMY ライジーン RYZEEN
[x] Logic System - Domino Dance (1981)
[x] Logic system - Orient express
[x] Paul Hardcastle - King Tut
[x] Solstice Music (NES) - Title Screen Theme
[x] X68K: Bosconian Soundtrack
[x] George & Jonathan - Out With My Girlfriends
[x] Cruel Angel's Thesis (8-bit mix)
[x] Cross†Channel - Signal (8-bit Dance Mix)
[x] PINBALL MUSIC: Black Knight 2000 - Main Theme (1989)
[x] C64 music: Gem'X by Chris Hülsbeck
[x] Getufu - Shinobi III SEGA Mega Drive
[x] Galaxy Force II (Arcade) Music- Alone Fighter
[x] C64 SID - Gul-Lars - Henning Rokling
[x] [Deleted video]
[x] Popful Mail (SFC) - Argazarl Castle
[x] VGM Hall of Fame: Trouble Outsiders - A Battle with Destiny (PC-98)
[x] Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (PC Engine CD) - Valestein Castle
[x] Rune Worth ルーンワース - Theme of Rune Worth ルーンワースのテーマ (PC-8801 Sound Board II YM2608/OPNA)
[x] Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - SUBTERRANEAN CANAL (神殿の地下水路) (PC-9801-86 サウンドボード YM2608/OPNA)
[x] Manfred Linzner - Jimmy White's Cueball - BGM 1 (Game Boy Color)
[x] Sonic the Hedgehog - Marble Zone || DX7 Cover
[x] Aviador DRO - La ciudad en movimiento
[x] Sorcerian Utility Disk Vol.1 - The Choice is Yours
[x] Metroid by DJ Britt
[x] Extra Crunchy Pizza
[x] trying japanese chords
[x] Misato (Sega Genesis Remix)
[x] YU-NO OST: Bonds
[x] Taeko Ohnuki (大贯妙子) - カイエ 2
[x] Best Relaxing Keygen Song
[x] Frozen Jap (Remastered 2011)
[x] Melodies From Mars - Untitled - Track 7
[x] Melodies From Mars - Untitled - Track 10
[x] [Deleted video]
[x] The Best of Retro VGM #3102 - Yuugiri: Ningyoushi no Isan (PC-98) - Evening Mist
[x] Europa - Sentir Tu Cuerpo (New-Wave,Spain,1981)

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