D4rk s0ul (AKA cave you head in with my pike boots)

[x] G-Schmitt - Cathedral Junky (1988)
[x] G-Schmitt † LSD (1987)
[x] G-Schmitt - Kの葬列 (K No Souretsu)
[x] G-Schmitt - CATHOLIC (1987)
[x] Pink Industry - New Aims
[x] Pink Industry - I Wish
[x] Dead Or Alive - Something in My House
[x] La Strada-Želje (1983 Darkwave-Post Punk-New Wave , Yugoslavia)
[x] Xmal Deutschland - Polarlicht
[x] Siouxsie And The Banshees - Cities In Dust (Official Music Video)
[x] Siouxsie & the banshees - Night Shift
[x] One Hundred Years (2005 Remaster)
[x] Candle
[x] Joy Division - Shadowplay (Official Reimagined Video)
[x] Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Official Video)
[x] Depeche Mode - Dressed in black
[x] Depeche Mode - Stripped (Official Video)
[x] Depeche Mode - A Question Of Time (Official Video)
[x] Depeche Mode - Strangelove (Official Video)
[x] Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Official Video)
[x] KINO (Viktor Tsoi, Viktor Zoi) - Группа Крови / Gruppa Krovi / Blood Type
[x] New Order - True Faith (1987) (Official Music Video) [HD REMASTERED]
[x] Atari Teenage Riot - Destroy 2000 years of culture
[x] Ministry - Revenge (1983) RARE Non stretched version
[x] If You Want - Depeche Mode
[x] Modern Witch - Cinema
[x] Depeche Mode - Clean
[x] 92°
[x] Revenge
[x] Ministry - Effigy (I'm Not An) (Official Audio)
[x] I Just Shot John Lennon
[x] Tell Laura I Love Her
[x] John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me
[x] Lil Ugly Mane - Uneven Compromise
[x] Jealous
[x] Will I Ever Find Love?
[x] Mötley Crüe - Live Wire (Official Music Video)
[x] Depeche Mode - People Are People (Official Video)
[x] Дорогой Человек
[x] Four Rusted Horses
[x] Link Wray - Rumble [HQ - Best Version]
[x] Crystal Castles 'BAPTISM' //official video
[x] 10. No You Don't - Nine Inch Nails
[x] ULTRA SUNN - Keep Your Eyes Peeled
[x] Nightmares In Wax - Shangri-La (HQ Audio)

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