Vidya OST

[x] NiGHTS into Dreams~Reala~NiGHTS and Reala
[x] Nights into dreams - Twin seeds(growing wings)
[x] NiGHTS into Dreams OST Gloom of the N.H.C
[x] NiGHTS into Dreams OST After The Dream
[x] Nights into dreams "Boss defeated" jingle (Message from Nightopia)
[x] DAYTONA USA MUSIC : The King of Speed (1994)
[x] Cotton 2 魂を抜かれた騎士
[x] [Top 100 Modern VGTunes] #016 - Cotton 2 - Castle in the Sky
[x] Final Fantasy VII - It's Difficult To Stand On Both Feet, Isn't It?
[x] [Deleted video]
[x] City Trial ~ City - Kirby Air Ride OST
[x] Kirby's Adventure Original Soundtrack (Arranged Sound Track) - Let's Make A Cocktail!
[x] Tomato Convenience Store 10 Hours 🍅
[x] Lilia ~from Ys~ - Blue Legend
[x] Death Smiles OST - Boss Theme
[x] [Neat VGM #1] Eschatos Arrange - Stellar Light feat. IA ~ Yousuke Yasui
[x] Virtua Fighter 2-Young Knight (Lion Rafale)
[x] Touhou 12.7 - Depleted Wisdom - Game Over - Player Score
[x] Wii Shop Channel Smooth Jazz Guitar & Accordion Cover
[x] まもるクンは呪われてしまった!YO-KAI Disco
[x] YO-KAI Disco (piano cover)
[x] YO-KAI Disco Arrange versions
[x] まもるクンは呪われてしまった! YO-KAI Disco 【XV-5080アレンジ】
[x] Karakuri Spirits [Hiroto Saitoh]
[x] Trauma Center DS 2: Gentle Breeze
[x] VGM Hall Of Fame: Last Armageddon - Battle Theme (PCE CD)
[x] 悪魔城ドラキュラX 乾坤の血族 FM音源アレンジ 【FM8】
[x] Omega Five - The Glacial Fortress - Yousuke Yasui
[x] Will Force
[x] Bust A Move 2 Arcade Soundtrack 06
[x] [Deleted video]
[x] REFLEC BEAT groovin'!! Upper anqad / onoken feat b
[x] Touhou - Bad Apple on eight floppy drives
[x] Guilty Gear Isuka OST - Home Sweet Grave
[x] ESCHATOS STELLAR LIGHT【Synthesizer arrange】
[x] ギンガフォース Aeronaut 【XV-5080arrange】
[x] Dark Cloud Soundtrack - "Main Theme (Bossa Nova)"
[x] SHOOTING☆NASU【ゆめにっき】
[x] Bad Apple!! by DS-10 Plus
[x] 【BEMANI】隅田川夏恋歌Long.ver【歌詞有】
[x] DSi Shop Theme (High Quality)
[x] Mighty Switch Force! OST - Love You Love You Love (Track 6)
[x] "Love You Love You Love" (Vocal Mix // Mighty Switch Force) (Adriana Figueroa & virt)
[x] Double Dragon - 01 Dead or Alive Theme
[x] Yousuke Yasui - Astro Rambler
[x] Yousuke Yasui - Arabesque Etoile
[x] Yousuke Yasui - CROSSOVER8
[x] Sota Fujimori - Look Ahead
[x] SWR - Youmu Konpaku's Theme - Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?
[x] Sound Sepher - Scarlet Rose
[x] Super Street Fighter IV - Overpass Stage (Tokyo)
[x] Trauma Center Under the Knife 2- Severing the Chains of Fate
[x] Street Fighter EX Plus @ OST Strange Sunset (Theme of Guile & Allen)
[x] Castlevania SOTN: Lost Painting
[x] Best VGM 974 - Katamari Damacy - Katamari Stars
[x] Splatoon 3: Return of the Mammalians - Mission 02
[x] Rusty Ruins Zone (Act 1) - Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) [OST]
[x] Invincibility - Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) [OST]
[x] ききやま - FEVER
[x] Tekken 6 Soundtrack: Mystical Forest

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