Half-assed Projects

- Music Demos -

PSS-380 improvisions

FL Studio stuff

"Mock" ""Albums""

This really weird Wham! noise video thing I did in 2017. I was in a pretty weird mental space then.

Also: Perfect loop from Wham!'s Everything She Wants

Screwing with the live audio from this self help tape

Screwing with a Paul Hardcastle song on a variable speed tape player

- Programming stuff -

Unity 3rd Person Camera Demo

A little camera demo thing I was working on in 2014-15ish. I was going to polish it up more and make a little RPG esc game with it, but that never came to fruition. You can do a slide animation with Q, and there are cute little idle animations as well.

Link for Download

King of the Chill

King of the hill flavored SFML demo I made.

Link for Download

Visual Novel in SFML

A little test thing I made in 2016 to see how SFML worked. I was working on it, and then my motherboard died. I couldn't get to it's files for like a month and a half and lost motivation, lol. It's put together really wonky, like everything I ever seem to do.

Here it is if you'd like to look at

My Crappy High-school Senior Project

This is a little shmup unity game "Vector" I made for my senior project. It's pretty amateurish, but people seemed to have fun with it, even if it was "too hard".

Link for Download