Half-assed Projects

- Music Demos -

PSS-380 improvisions

FL Studio stuff

"Mock" ""Albums""

This really weird Wham! noise video thing I did in 2017. I was in a pretty weird mental space then.

Also: Perfect loop from Wham!'s Everything She Wants

Screwing with the live audio from this self help tape

Screwing with a Paul Hardcastle song on a variable speed tape player

- Art Stuff -


A little digital art thing I made trying to learn how to use gimp, normally I just use Photoshop for stuff like this

"Personelle - Rebound (Nookie Drum and Bass Remix) -VISUAL"

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Ive been wanting to try to get into video bending / video art stuff, so I guess this is kinda like my little foray into it.

"AUDIO-VISUAL: Ken Ishii - Missprogrammed day"

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Another song Visualization.

- Programming stuff -


When I had first moved to Linux, I was kinda upset that there wasn't a decent screenshot program out there (comparable to ShareX or puush on windows), so over the years I decided to write one my self.

Slimeshot is pretty small and simple. It has a GUI mode, as well as a CLI mode for 'scrot -s' esc usage. You can set what pomf clone it uploads to (or any at all) and it sorts all your screenshots by Month in a 'Screenshots' folder in your Documents, kinda like ShareX does.

If you have an arch based system, there is an install script included that will install it for you, but all it does is gets the dependencies with pacman and drops 'slimeshot' and 'slimeup' in your /usr/bin, you could do the same with any linux distro. You just launch 'slimeshot' for the GUI mode, or 'slimeshot -h' to see command line usage. I'll probably put it on the AUR at some point, but I'm too dumb and lazy, so i'll update it here when I update it, for now.

Link for Download


This is a little python program that automates converting .chd files to .bin and .cue files. It's a wrapper for the CHDMAN program that's a part of mame-tools. I was converting a bunch of sega saturn roms, and I was getting tired to typing in the commands for chdman out, so I decided to make this to save some time.

The installer bundled is made for Arch Linux systems, but I'm sure chd2bincue would work fine on other *nix systems as long as you have the dependencies for it (python, mame-tools, tk, xterm). Just plop it into your /usr/bin. It probably could work on Winblows and Mac, but id didn't really feel like putting in the effort to make it so, as I don't use either of those OS's. Feel free to edit it for your liking.

Link for Download

Unity 3rd Person Camera Demo

A little camera demo thing I was working on in 2014-15ish. I was going to polish it up more and make a little RPG esc game with it, but that never came to fruition. You can do a slide animation with Q, and there are cute little idle animations as well.

Link for Download

King of the Chill

King of the hill flavored SFML demo I made.

Link for Download

Visual Novel in SFML

A little test thing I made in 2016 to see how SFML worked. I was working on it, and then my motherboard died. I couldn't get to it's files for like a month and a half and lost motivation, lol. It's put together really wonky, like everything I ever seem to do.

Here it is if you'd like to look at

My Crappy High-school Senior Project

This is a little shmup unity game "Vector" I made for my senior project. It's pretty amateurish, but people seemed to have fun with it, even if it was "too hard".

Link for Download