About Me

I am but a lowely skum shoveler living upon this desolate plain, a 3-dimensional creature of sorts. Just a mere level 1 slime trying to grind their way up to beating Sephiroth.

INT: 2
STR: -1
CHA: 0
DEX: -9
LUCK: 10

Age : 24

Gender : Slimegendered ( Pronouns Slime/Slemm )

Location: The US rust belt, Skumsector 6

Hobbies : Web surfing, vintage electronics, retro vidya,
being a general drain on society

Current Occupation: Boring-ass factory work

Favorite Food: big phat beefy nacho

- Me, connecting to teh net -

About this Website

Q: Why does this website look like shit?

A: Because frankly, I'm tired and disgusted with web 3.0. It makes me sad that everything is based around some kind of social media site, and things like personal websites, blogs etc don't really exist anymore.

It's time to reject modernity, and embrace web tradition!!1! Javascript, HTML5, cookies, mobile friendliness it all goes into the trash. All I need are my geocities gifs and extremely compressed anime backgrounds.

Q: How old is Slime-Net?

A: It started as a page on my friends webserver late 2018, but shortly later I had moved it to Neocities.
Like a year later, I eventually moved to my own webserver [ skumsoft.ltd ] to have a little more freedom and space. I highly recommend checking out Neocities though, there are lots of neat old web esc content to be seen. It's very much in-line with the idea of this site.

Q: How can I get a hold of you?

A: Here is my contact page. Feel free to message me anytime.
: )

Q: Can we get a description of the pages here, and what they are for? It's all so confusing..

A: Sure.

Chamber of Reflection: My personal blog (well I guess the whole site is my personal blog but w/e). I post things that i'm doing, and whatever dumb little thing pops into my head. It's name is an allusion to this Mac DeMarco song.

Weird $hit: This is a page full of strange, interesting and obscure websites and media. I try to write a little description about said stuff and have a few screenshots as well. I have folders and folders of stuff like this from years of websurfing, and I feel that it needs to be shared.

Other Cool Links: Sites and stuff I want to share not unlike Weird $hit, but isn't really that odd or obscure. Ive contemplated merging these two pages, but idk.

Projects: Personal projects, music, programming stuff, whatever.

Computer Horde: Pages on my retro computer and electronic collection. I still have lots to put here.

Essential Slime-core: A bunch of media I like and recommend. Stuff like music links and jukebox, some video game recs and descriptions, as well as movies and shows.

Slimecast: My twitch stream. I dont really stream a lot, but when I do it's like bootleg NES games or what have you.

Dumblr Reblogs: My tumblr blog. I know.. people hear tumblr and they roll their eyes, but there is a lot of neat stuff to be seen there. There seems to be quite a following around old Internet stuff with the tags #webcore #weirdcore etc.

Most Recently Updated: The newest, most freshly updated page.

All those 88x31 buttons: A bunch of random links and hidden pages. Have fun