Mindless Monologuing

I kinda just tripped, drank and worked 2020 away..

it's not a great feeling

Posted 26/10/2020 10:07:39

This Nine inch Nails song reminds me of some Amiga demo stuff

Nine Inch Nails - Ringfinger

- - -

Shining 8 - Back In Scene

Kefrens - Guardian Dragon 2

Dexion - New Swappers

QUARTEX - Goodie

Unit A - Interceptor

Posted 24/10/2020 21:42:19

Something I wrote after a trip:

I feel enlightened as well as harrowed, and in this society that may be the same thing. It's like finding put your worst nightmare is truth itself.

Humanity had been forced into homogeneous living and removed the pursuit of humanitarian values for the benefit of a sad sick few. Is this how humanity is destined to be? Have we truly created our own gods, through apathy?

Our world works a lot like a meat processing plant, and it is just as sterile.

Posted 24/10/2020 20:46:37

Back off, i'm trying to (( BE )))

Posted 23/10/2020 10:45:06

All progress will be lost, continue?

Posted 20/10/2020 16:14:04

Curses.. Ive introduced the "Infinate Burrito" factor into my dietary system.

Posted 20/10/2020 16:07:08

It's feel bad hour..

Posted 15/10/2020 10:50:21

Bro.. lemme get a hit of that Arnie jug

Posted 12/10/2020 23:08:52

Here's some comfy 2009ish jams, "I'm browsing early youtube and the newgrounds audio portal, and keeping an eye on my /v/ and /b/ threads." core.

Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight) - Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

Royksopp - Vision One - Royksopp - You Don't Have a Clue

Royksopp - Circuit Breaker - Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster

Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria - Michael Gray - The Weekend

Caramelldansen - BASSHUNTER - Dota

BASSHUNTER - I Can Walk On Water - Anamanaguchi - MEOW

I also added this to Music Recs.

Posted 10/10/2020 18:21:29

People I meet seem to get this impression that I'm very intellectual, but the reality is that I'm just a very elaborate idiot.

Posted 10/10/2020 17:50:15

I think at some point im going to try to talk a bunch about all the saturn games I had played as a kid. It will likely be on the Game Recommendations page, so I guess keep an eye out.

Posted 06/10/2020 15:10:07

I had Bust a Move 2: Arcade Edition on the Sega Saturn as a kid, and it was a pretty stand out game from my childhood. The game itself is pretty cute, and a lot of fun to play with friends.

I always though that backgrounds for the play field were pretty neat, like they could make a cool gifs, desktop backgrounds or something. I've never seen pictures of just the backgrounds anywhere on the internet, so I decided to try to get them myself. I was able to get them by popping the game into an emulator and messing around with the sprite layers until i had just what I wanted onscreen, and recorded/screencapped it. I got a couple little animations as well.

Here they are:

There are a bunch more from the game id like to get, it has like A to Z levels with different backgrounds for almost each level. This would require me to play through the whole game several times though, so I likely wont have all of them for a little while. I've also posted these on tumblr so they may get better seen.

Posted 06/10/2020 15:05:13

Half of this year's daily meals have came from the same vending machine at my job. How depressing

Posted 29/09/2020 19:27:51

Another day, another Tyson (TM) Brand chicken tender

Posted 29/09/2020 19:10:48

Blue collar conversations seem to work solely off of idioms, catchphrases and vaguely remembering movies.

Posted 28/09/2020 23:07:34

not to be haha XD funny, but im full of absolutely useless information

Posted 26/09/2020 16:50:22


Posted 24/09/2020 18:09:53

Ice Level

Full song: Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

Posted 20/09/2020 14:02:39

I wish I could freestyle on a real DDR machine,

all I can do is sit here and play stepmania on my keyboard ; - ;

Smidget freestyling "Dont Bother Me"

Elder Smidget doing the same "Dont bother me" set in 2014

micxiao freestyling "Butterfly"

BBR freestyling "Stomp to my beat"

Oz freestyling "Stomp to my beat"

- - -

Stephen Hawking plays Dance Dance Revolution
Stamp on the ground Amv

Posted 20/09/2020 12:29:51

Language is so weird. How is it that you can say something, completely miscommunicate and butcher relaying it to someone and still have them understand what you mean and/or what your trying to talk about.

It feels like doing math with mostly, or all incorrect data and still getting the exact answer.

Posted 16/09/2020 21:34:00

mmmmmmm.. this meal's making me wanna hit that vomitorium

Posted 16/09/2020 02:17:17

AMVs are my ultimate guilty pleasure

Posted 16/09/2020 02:15:02

Excuse my general weasel like appearance

it's the lighting here

Posted 15/09/2020 19:49:06

It's just flesh.. it heals

Posted 15/09/2020 17:38:05

I compiled Mario 64 on my personal Linux computer...

It's fucking insane that this is even remotely possible, I would have never imagined.

Posted 07/09/2020 15:09:38

Super Mario Bros Lost Levels

Posted 30/08/2020 19:32:51

Circa Apr 2017: The Deconstruction of Home Improvement

Tim the "tool"

Posted 23/08/2020 14:14:50

Circa Jun 2017: Timstride

Posted 23/08/2020 14:07:38

Circa 2014: Me showing a Demo of the mouse sharing program "Synergy".

All it's missing is the Unregistered HyperCam 2 watermark.

Posted 23/08/2020 13:59:07

Circa Nov 2017: Timscape

Posted 23/08/2020 13:31:52

Circa Mar 2017: My Windows 7 Server I had for some reason

Posted 23/08/2020 13:19:15

Circa Jan 2017: Milkdrop cyber-condom

Posted 23/08/2020 13:11:42

Circa Feb 2017: Reflective devil model

Posted 23/08/2020 13:08:21

Putting croud cheers and applause in a studio recording (not live) of a song is got to be the most pretentious thing ever.

It's comparable to putting a laugh track over a crappy TV show.

Like, you have to earn my admiration with the content of your art, not try to squeeze it out with peer pressure.

Posted 18/08/2020 14:36:19

Aint time to be the slime

Posted 25/07/2020 13:25:25

Another fun memory in 2017ish. I had lost the only set of keys for my appartment. When I finally found them, they were at the bottom of a pile of floppy disc I had on the floor. Needless to say, my roomate was pissed.

Posted 24/07/2020 04:46:01

Fun memory, this was about a year ago when I was still in college. So I had to take my final in my CompSci class, and in the final they wanted you to solve a few programming problems. The idiosyncrasy about it was that you had to write all your code by fucking hand. They were also very clear that, if your handwriting was not readable, they would automatically count the problem as incorrect.

It's not that big of a deal really, but my stupid ass just happend to fuck up my wrists and hands trying to carry this massive CRT up a couple flights of stairs to my dorm, just a couple hours before the test. My hand was shaking really badly, and I spent an extra hour and a half on the test because I couldn't draw curly braces right.

For that same final, there was an extra credit opportunity where you can bring in a poster with what your projections of 2030 were, as well as extra points if the poster had glitter. The grand majority of people drew some Jetsons looking stuff with lots of glitter. I just decided just to write some hot takes. Pic below V

Posted 24/07/2020 04:30:23

The burden that all gamers must bear

Posted 22/07/2020 15:03:56

Why the hell are all the chairs at my job made for blob people? Like, I feel like a child sitting in these chairs.

They are awfully uncomfortable too, but I guess when you get that large you would be comfortable sitting pretty much anywhere.

Posted 22/07/2020 14:48:02

Jungle music and House music have become my new religion

I have given up all other forms of music, in favor of Jungle

Posted 22/07/2020 14:43:14

Death Grips fans have to be some of the most unfunny people I've ever met

Posted 22/07/2020 14:39:42

Current location: The Desert of the Real

Posted 22/07/2020 14:38:54

All those weebs out there are probably getting a kick outta wearing face masks during this covid shit.

Posted 02/07/2020 02:14:26

Do you think Kenshiro likes to hit the orgasm pressure points (as well as the one that cause you to explode into bloody gore) on his enemys as like some kinda sick joke?

Posted 26/06/2020 22:03:55

why is it that when I find something that makes me really excited, it either ends up being common knowlege, or so obscure, that people dont give a shit about it

Posted 24/06/2020 03:38:49

Boss say: "$top dissociating on company time"

Posted 18/06/2020 23:47:31

All hopped up on that funky bean water

Posted 12/06/2020 15:31:09

Anderson Cooper is a 3d model, I swear to god.

He is just a modern max headroom

Posted 02/06/2020 02:59:02

Don't you think it's kinda fucked up people willingly wear advertising as clothing?

Like, clothing is suppose to say a lot about your character, it's the first thing people see about you and it leaves a subconscious impression. So when I see some one wearing a big fat supreme, apple or nike logo on their shirt, its just screams "hey look I'm this companies bitch". It's like a cattle brand.

Do you think if supreme made a giant branded wooden billboard that hung around your neck with a rope (for $200), do you think people would wear it? Because I do.

Posted 27/05/2020 13:02:48

Post society high-fantasy world when..

Posted 27/05/2020 02:30:13

Blade Runner is real and happening, everything is just lame Windows 8, ultra-flat, metro design

Posted 27/05/2020 02:10:47

When do you think they will turn off the virtualbox we all reside in?

Posted 27/05/2020 02:08:44

fuck this gay earth..

Posted 23/05/2020 21:27:49

If Yellow Magic Orchestra is the Beatles of electronic music, then Kraftwerk is the Chuck Berry

Posted 22/05/2020 15:57:10

Face Reveal

rm -rf myself

We all live in a prostate s(t)imulation

Why arn't there any anime RPG fields that I can just go in lay in.

Someone needs to plant a magic missile in my forehead.

Get bent.. I have plenty of time to regret being born

That sex scene from the lawnmower man was pretty cool.

G0d is dead,

and internet explorer 6 killed him


This place looks like my kind of hell

Despite all my 'tude, I'm still just slime in a tube..

Why can't I sucker punch people without them finding out?

I'm so tired of being tired

Why do I keep finding the most horid, lovecraftian insects inside my house. This is hell.

My rapper name would most likely be MC Chicken and the krispy bunch

Suck my dick..

Lick my stick.