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Little bit of an update, I always felt kinda bad for moving my site off of neocities. I was really in need of the space and freedom that having your own webserver provides, but I really did appreciate the community that neocities has.

Today it had occured to me that I could have my own webserver with Slime-Net and associated media hosted on it, and have my neocities page linked right back to it, and thus here we are. You can now access Slime-Net from both and

Happy Surfing!

Posted 26/10/2020 16:49:20


I have also mirrored my page on spacemy!! It's a recreation of early myspace and i'm pretty psyched it exists.

Here is my profile page, you should make one too.

Posted 13/11/2020 04:44:35


Looks like spacemy is dead for now, so instead check out

My profile: -> Click Here <-

Posted 19/12/2020 23:28:40