VirtuaPizza Update

Some minor changes to the website, I made the nav boxes on the left scrollable. So now I can add way more quick links and 88x31 Buttons, without sacrificing any krispy scaling. Check it out on my 640x480 Sony Trinitron. I think it's a much better solution than using something like the linkland. I'll be adding, and linkifying most of those buttons today and the next couple days, as well as updating Projects, About Me, and My Computer Horde.

As always, Stay tuned..

Posted 13/09/2020 10:23:01

More updates!!

So it took a lot longer than I had thought to get the scrolling right, but I think I'm finally content with it. The only resolutions that don't seem to work right now are 16x<4 or something weird that literally no one uses.

I also been in the process of updating the Music Recs so that you can also open the songs in a popup window instead of just inside the page. I've added a "Most Recently Updated" link to the side bar, and removed a few I felt were unnecessary. I also plan on making some sort of a site map, and adding more general Q/A esc info about the website and myself to the About page.

Posted 13/10/2020 17:20:11