Just some weird and obscure stuff I've found on the internet


"How to connect you Nintendo famicom to your radio"

This sub page of famicomworld.com explains how the Japanese FM tv stations have an overlap in frequency with the American FM radio signal band, thus you can hear famicom music over your FM radio!

All the other content on Famicomword, is pretty neat and technical, you should give it a read.

Video demonstration (not mine):



Another 'Net-art' page. It features bizzare/seemingly random images, broken unicode, flashing moving text and clickholes. The placement and selection of images/text seem to be different every time you refresh. It sorta reminds me of mayhem.net but a little more modern and certainly not as malicious feeling.

I was lucky to be able to re-find this one, I had remembered it but lost the bookmark for it. I was able to get it again through some really really old web history just because I happened to have an old screenshot (image above) and some videos of the site, and they were dated.

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We're getting into the real web-meat now! This was a web page I was trying to re-find for quite some time now, mayhem.net, and it's subpages / sister sites.

Mayhem.net appears to be linked with two other sites of a similar nature.

Links: subculture.com mrtamale.com

These sites contents range from surreal web art pieces and glitch art to information about serial killers. These sites all seem to be interlink and all seem to have the purpose of making you very uncomfortable. Everything has this sketchy early internet ad-ware aesthetic, with pop up dialogs, pages saying "WORM", "TROJAN HORSE", "VIRUS" and all the like.

I swear, there was this youtube video that I remember seeing where someone actually got a hold of one of the creators of these sites over phone (He either made mayhem.net or subculture.com or both I can't recall), and he had said there is nothing malicious about these sites, they are just a bit of fun to make you think you "computer is melting" or something along those lines. I cannot for the life of me find this video, or any info about this site anymore other than like 2 comment reddit threads where all people say is "whohh this is creeeepy guys".

I've recorded some footage navigating these sites if you are too afraid to look for yourself. It's pretty NSFW so keep that in mind.

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It's a really strange set of websites, you definitely could sink some time going down all these rabbit holes.

Unfortunately I think these sites wont work how they are suppose to very soon. They heavily rely on adobe flash and flash support is ending. Modern browsers don't seem to handle pop ups and embedded sound quite like they use to either. I recall there being much more sound when the popup windows open the first time I had opened subculture.com.


This page is a collection of art pieces that I just happened upon, named 0900 SOLAR BOARDING PAUSE ALONZO MORNING. It looks like Oneoxtrix point never and James Ferraro had some part in it, as well as a few other artists (Ducktails, New Yoga, Mossy Throats, Sun Araw, Triangle Glare and Matrix Metals).

These pieces involve CRT's, video art, exotic looking potted plants and hypnagogic pop music.


This website emulates cartoon network's old toonami block. Pretty neat if you want to sit back and casually watch some anime.


This page details someone who submitted an image of a 3d model (instead of a real photo of themselves) for their french ID card. I believe this is the first time something like this has been done successfully.


This video totally fucked with me the very first time I saw it. I saw it on 4chan's flash board, and at that point in time I wasn't completely acquainted to the seedier parts of the internet. I later came to really love the musician (Oneohtrix Point Never) that put it together.

It looks like all the sources are listed in the description, but I'll list them here as well.


Punitive psychiatry (translated from Russian)

This really fucking creepy animation!! It kinda reminds me of something cyriak would make, but much more disturbed.

It looks like they have a tumblr and some other weird social media.

Visiting the Fukushima Red Zone

This is an imgur gallery of some images and written first hand accounts from someone who visited the Fukushima Exclusion Zone. This was the nuclear meltdown that occurred shortly after 2011 tsunamis an earthquakes in japan. Here are some wiki pages [ 1 2 ] if you are not completely acquainted and or want to read more.


This site has a huge collection of insecure / password-less security cams for you to peruse. Some of them you can even control. Even though this site may inspire malicious intent, I think there can be some good from it too. It's interesting to see what candid life is like on the streets in other cities and countries. There is also a share of downright bizarre things being monitored as well.

I have two short recordings from this site dated January 24, 2016. One is a kinda ominous light house very early in the morning somewhere in Europe. The other is a glitchy pile of garbage?? located somewhere in japan.

Remember kids, always use secure passwords and up to date encryption methods.


A brief history of the ASCII penis

Otaku Hideout

This is an imgur gallery with pictures of and abandoned building in japan turned into a little otaku hideout. It's complete with Anime posters, figures, retro game consoles and games, manga and put out cigarettes. There's an interesting vibe to it.


A website that I had found on 4chan /jp/ that shows random "Alone on a friday night?" image macros, with music. It's no longer up, so this is the web archive link of it. It doesnt seem to cycle images on refreshing here on the webarchive, so these images are just the two I had.


Prepare to fly~

This is pretty neat, it's the official Sega webpage for Nights into dreams when it was brand new. This site contains a rundown of the story, hints, character bios and other information about the game.

Theres also a downloads section that has really low res game screen-shots, Game sound effects and a Windows 95 theme.

One of the video teasers:

The rest of the sega.com page archive is a pretty neat browse, there are a few game demos and other game pages to peruse. There also appears to had been a flash game for Nights into Dreams on this Sega page, but nothing that was flash was backed up onto the web archive for what I would only guess are space and security limitations, a shame.

I really love Nights into Dreams, it was good part of my childhood gaming memories. I'm glad to see this site archived.


A huge collection of 70's, 80's, and 90's japanese music. City pop, synthpop, and funky fusion music galore!

This site is such a big rabbit hole to go down. I kid you not I spent half of 2015 and all of 2016 listening to stuff from here and posting songs on /jp/.

Some artist recommendations:











A showcase of someone's geocities animations, it looks like they are edits of one Marilyn Radzat's work. Unfortunately this looks like it was the only page of them archived.


The final fantasy house page:

So this page details the events of the 'final fantasy house' and it servers as a warning of the cults doings. It is maintained by one of the survivors of said events, he is referred to as "Zack".

The Final Fantasy house was this messed up Internet cult, that pulled in young and troubled individuals claiming that they were 'soul bonded' to characters in the video game Final fantasy 7. The leader of the cult "Jenova", or "Jenny nova" and her love interest at the time "Hojo" would groom people off of IRCs etc into living with them, and eventually supporting all of Jenova's bills and petty expenditures. The living situations were awful and filthy, and the social environment was often hostile.

If you want to see a video summary of the Final fantasy house this one does a pretty good job. The site is much much more in depth, and has backed up live journals, emails and chat-logs.

I think what skeeves me about about reading about this is that it almost feels like something that could have happens to me, given certain circumstances. It definitely an important cautionary tale.


This website was posted by Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix point never) in promotion of his new album 'Garden of Delete', claiming that this band was the inspiration for said album. Really it was just made by Lopatin for fun, and it showcases his sence of humor and style.

The site is for the 90s hypergrundge band Kaoss Edge, and details their supposed albums and history as well as a lot of cursed imagery and hidden links.


A big collection of end of the world scenarios, and their supposed dates. These scenarious are all written in a sorta humorous way.


This is a rare tumblr, it's owned by Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford for their project "Games" later renamed "Ford and Lopatin". Lot's of rare stuff related to their collab, I'm a huge fan! This websites name "Skumsoft", is actually in reference to their first track on "Channel Pressure".


I don't think it's well known that pilotredsun has a tumblr. He uploads screenshots of videos he's working on before they get on youtube, as well as other stuff.


Sound bible is just an old and cheesy site to get "free" sound effects from. I was going through this site to find some soundeffects for my high school senior project and I came across this tag "bloody". It's full of pretty uncomfortable sounds.


Another Serial Experiments Lain fan site. This site has descriptions and analysis of the show's philosophy and episodes. The site also contains the Serial Experiments Lain manga "Nightmare of Fabrication" if you haven't read that yet.


An inbrowser parody of windows 95/98. It has a bunch of actually working software, games and emulators, which is awesome.


This is a very old anime fan page, complete with wallpapers, Japanese lessons, polls, and awful fan submitted art and fan fiction. I'm really fond of the styling of this website. Apparently the forums are still active (as of 2020), abet very slow. It looks like it get just a couple post every couple years.

Wired Sound For Wired People

Speaking of the faaux website, I should add it here as well. This website is a collection monochrome pink html art peices concerning lain, from the anime 'Serial Experiments Lain'. There are also a few pretty interesting lain unity games as well. If you haven't already seen Serial Experiments Lain I'd highly recommend it.

Terminal 00

This is a very surreal website. It functions as a huge maze of links that slowly detail a story and/or possibly some kind of ARG, I'm not really sure yet. The art and literature inside are delightful abstract.

I don't think I've ever seen art "things" that look quite like this. I had initially described it as "fractal imagery", but after talking to someone in the associated discord server, I found that they the art pieces "pixel ornaments". (UPDATE: I was later contacted by whom I believe is the site's creator on how they describe these things.) I was also given this link, showing how to make said imagery..

I suppose the website's design is a little like the fauux serial experiments lain website, but kicked up a whole level stylistically, as well as being much much more non linear. The story's concept, as far as I've observed, feels like something very far in the future. Like post several society's merge into collective consciousnesses, or maybe very old AIs, interacting in whatever is left of our decaying technology infrastructure. It's very novel.

Windows 95's Subliminal Messages

Bill Gates dead man, miss him miss him miss him


A blog all about bootleg simpsons paraphernalia. They actually use to sell bootleg bart shirts and stuff here, a shame I missed out.

Don't have a box new

Good Morning Mr. Orwell (1984)

This was an art piece made by Nam June Paik, that aired live via satellite on new years day, 1984. It includes some abstract video segmants, and performances from Oingo Boingo, Peter Gabriel, and the Thompson Twins, aswell as some others I don't know so well. I've linked the youtube upload of it, but i've known youtube to take down stuff for dumb reasons, so i've uploaded it as well. Also, heres the Wiki page with more info on it.


Not really that weird honestly, it's just a Japanese website detailing modding/fixing, and then installing Damn Small Linux on a fairly old laptop. I dig how the site looks though, obviously enough.


Edward Snowden's teenage anime homepage, at least it would certainly seems so. Some person posted this in a 4chan thread I was reading a while back. The website looks like something him and his then friends put together. The picture on the right is on of his mock album adverts from his page, pretty hillarious.


So this is a pretty strange site. From all I guess, it looks like at some point it was a BBS, but has now completely been overrun by spam bots. I couldn't really discern what the BBS was originally for, translating what Japanese that's there comes out as nonsense, or ads. I also don't really know what the image on the parent site is suppose to be (a render of some kind of building obviously), and reverse image searching doesn't yeild anything. I accidentally came across this site looking for a reasonable quality download of this album somewhere. The visitor counter does seem to work. I think the first time I came here the counter was in the low 1000s roughly


Just an old website that sells latex masks. I found this site when I just randomly encountered the picture of the frog mask in a google image search. I have no idea if this "Antony Gerard" still sells these mask, but I really hope so. The parent website has a bunch of other similar links (haunted houses, latex hands, noses and feet, costume stuff and other things of Antony's work)