Jesus Christ, it's 2022 already?? What the fuck happened?

It seems that the world hasn't got much better from last time I posted, currently with the possibility of war looming (That is if the US gets involved with this Ukraine situation, I live in the US). Scary concept, I'm not a fan of needless human suffering no matter how you slice it. On my end things are going decently, it seems I'm in and out of college, and am currently in the long and arduous task of getting a job, hopefully one that isn't dogshit. I've moved yet again, but this time with old friend 'cause of financial reason. Its a much smaller place, and with more occupants, but it hasn't really kept me from doing projects and things. I'm trying to a little cautiously optimistic for the future.

In terms of website updates, I've finally parsed though all of my "Weird $hit" bookmarks folder and have it all posted here. I may have a thing here and there to still post there, but yeah the big cache of them is there finally. Worry not though I post things as I find them all the time, and I have plenty of other plans for content on this site I just haven't fully implemented yet. Off the top of my head, i'm planning on adding more personal video game retrospectives, musics retrospectives, personal art and or possible video projects, more scavenged old-web content, and whatever else my pea-brain can come up with. Be sure to tune in here occasionally, I'll post about things as I add them below.

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