skumOS 98 Service Pack 2
Connection established!
[info] ver. check........
[info] W3TW3RKS brain2BIN Neurolink Adapter 2.814E
[info] Connection test, waiting..
[info] Defaulting to 800 Baud
[ ok ] PC speaker enabled... test..
[info] Mounting Sever file system
[ ok ] cd '/var/233800414125/slimenetz/'
[ ok ] Activating swap....done.
[info] Loading Skumsoft SLIME-NETâ„¢ Update script
[ ok ] Script initialized.
Awaiting input..

SLIME-NET: WetWare Edition

Connected to my fleshy mass of mind meat is a state of the art 800 Baud MODEM, of which I can scour the net at a blazing fast 10 characters a second. The characters are beautifully rendered in 16bit color via a MiM attack between my retina and visual cortex, with only minor ghosting. Once I found out that the text had to be inverted to be seen correctly, nothing was OUT of my REACH!

But on a more relevant note, 2023 is just around the corner, and I guess as always it feels very strange. With the world seemingly growing ever bleaker, I'm really really not regretting the decision to move in with some close friends as a 'commune' of sorts. However living in such a small place with so many people does have it's limitations, unfortunately, so hopefully we can find a much nicer place this coming year.

I did get to do a quite a few fun projects this year, which is great, but it seems like I always regrettably look back and think that I could have done so much more. Hopefully I can find the time, space and energy to continue doing stuff like the Briefcase PC. Maybe I can get my hands into some way more technical projects or repairs. It feels like lately I haven't really done much with the site, but I think that is subject to change soon, and maybe i'll start blogging more about my life if that's something people are interested in.

Here is a strawpoll on what I should focus on this next year, check it out. https://strawpoll.com/polls/40ZmdOq0Kga

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